Junior Year

If you are in your college junior year and haven’t done an internship, or study abroad yet, this is the year to start planning. Your junior year is also the time to really think seriously about how your values, interests, skills and abilities will make you a competitive applicant to employers or graduate schools. Use this career checklist to keep your activities relevant and on track.

Checklist to make your Junior Year a career success

The activities listed below are typical for college students in their junior year. Pick a few and set your goals to accomplish them.

  • Explore internships, co-ops, practicum or job shadows. Apply for opportunities.
  • Keep up with your academics because your GPA will make a difference.
  • Identify at least 5 career options or professional areas you want to explore this year.
  • Jump into leadership roles on campus. There are many. Get involved.
  • Plan Study Abroad or build your global awareness.
  • Identify mentors both on campus and off campus.
  • Refine your resume.
  • Register and get a resume critique from the HBCU career center job board.
  • Google yourself and clean up digital footprint on social media.
  • Get a LinkedIn account and join LinkedIn groups like The HBCU Career Center.
  • Attend campus and alumni networking events.
  • Start exploring entrepreneurship or small business ownership.
  • Schedule career center events such as career fairs or workshop.
  • Get student rates and join professional associations.
  • Do mock interviews, on-campus interviews and set up informational interviews.
  • Explore Alternative Spring Break experiences.
  • Start your research and attend grad school fairs.
  • Start thinking about interview attire.
  • Learn about business meal etiquette.

Junior Year Career Resources

Start thinking about how to manage your  college debt, private student loans and loan consolidation.  It’s not too early!