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70% of Employers Looking at Job Applicant Social Media Accounts

July 5, 2017 1:43 pm Published by

Recent Career Builder survey confirms what you already know – Employers are looking at applicant social media accounts.  The number is up from 60% in 2016 to 70% in 2017.  We can only assume it will keep growing.   What’s good about employers looking at applicant social media? Well according to survey respondents, recruiters are looking at the following good things and making hiring decisions: 61% looking for information that supports the candidate’s knowledge and skills for the job 50% are looking to see if you have a good professional... View Article

HBCU on Social Media: 11 Rules

July 25, 2015 8:11 am Published by

I love communicating with students about their HBCU experiences, internships and college life on social media. The pride in these historical landmark institutions is very evident. With all the talk about the value and relevance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, social media is breathing new life into many of these institutions. We all want our social media messages to be positive about these schools and the sustaining work taking place on many of the campuses. So many students in their anxiety to become a part of the legacy talk... View Article

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

June 6, 2015 7:31 am Published by

For years career coaches and career centers have stressed networking as an important part of the job search strategy.  Social media has kicked up networking to a whole other level. Per Capterra, in 2014 a whopping 94% of recruiters were either using  or planning to use social media for recruiting. It makes sense, therefore, that you would be using social media in your job search as a networking tool.  With everyone now having the ability to use social networks to connect with everyone else, it might become a little overwhelming... View Article

6 Twitter Job Search Strategies for Students

September 12, 2020 6:30 pm Published by

At the core of your Twitter job search has to be your own Twitter account! No brainer right? So know that you can’t do a Twitter job search without having your own professional Twitter account. Your first priority would be setting that up. We won’t cover that here, because it is rather easy and intuitive to follow the instructions to do it. What we will say though is to make sure your Twitter account stays professional. Doesn’t mean you can’t be personal, fun or show your personality. It just means... View Article

Resources for Black Professionals to find Freelance Work

August 20, 2020 5:45 pm Published by

Freelancing is a battle. Each day you wake up and prove your worth to people who could fire you at any minute or not pay you when the project is doneAs a freelancer trying to find your footing in a Gig Economy, you want to establish some healthy work boundaries, but saying no in a state of flux is so hard. These anxieties can just multiply when you’re a Black freelancer working against the systemic racism baked into employment at large. I’ve been there, and while there may be no... View Article

Resume Tips from Google, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs

August 9, 2020 8:37 am Published by

Resumes continue to be a big part of the job search and the hiring process. They are not going away! The HBCU Career Center shares resume tips because one of our goals is to end resume fails! We created and use the #EndResumeFails hashtag across our social media sites because we believe that too many resumes are tossed into the trash for formatting and content issues that could very easily be addressed. Although these resume tips are from recruiters and HR professionals at Google, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs, they apply... View Article

Resume Tips

June 18, 2020 6:12 am Published by

Resumes summarize your relevant background information and qualifications. Resumes do not describe everything you have ever done. Instead, resumes highlight what is most relevant to the opportunity you are seeking. Use these resume tips to make sure your resume format and layout best showcases what we call The Real V.I.S.A. (values, interests, skills and abilities). Before broad distribution of your resume, please get feedback through our job board or from the Career Center on your college campus. A Word About Resume Writers Professional resume writers agree there are many right... View Article

Career ToolKit

June 13, 2020 10:12 am Published by

At The HBCU Career Center we believe in sharing a lot of free career information and resources. When TheHBCUCareerCenter.com was developed over a decade ago, there was little to no representation of Blacks in the career management industry. Most Black professionals were priced out of paid career management services. Also, both  corporate and college career center websites did not reflect much diversity or inclusion. The career industry has definitely changed, but this website has remained a resource for the HBCU community. 1. Any employer can post jobs or internships Employers can... View Article


June 10, 2020 11:53 am Published by

We want more employers to recruit and Hire HBCU students and graduates! It is really that simple. For over a decade we have encouraged employers to post jobs and internships to expose their brands in the HBCU community. In a labor market with competition for skilled labor, The HBCU Career Center gives employers an opportunity to connect with the broad and diverse community that supports America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This community is made of up students, alumni, families, former employees and a broad coalition of supporters. Through our... View Article

Junior Year

June 4, 2020 11:54 am Published by

If you are in your college junior year and haven’t done an internship, or study abroad yet, this is the year to start planning. Your junior year is also the time to really think seriously about how your values, interests, skills and abilities will make you a competitive applicant to employers or graduate schools. Use this career checklist to keep your activities relevant and on track. Checklist to Make Your Junior Year a Career Success The activities listed below are typical for college students in their junior year. Pick a... View Article