Start a Business

Get your Business off the Starting Block!

You don’t have to spend a lot of time on a HBCU campus to know that many students have a dream to start a business. Many of these students get their feet wet in entrepreneurship by starting businesses right there in their dorm rooms.

Some of the dorm room businesses that I have seen students start include working as tutors, barbers, event promoters, web developers, baby sitters, hair stylists, seamstresses, photographers and artists. Many of those students graduate and continue to build on their small business dreams after college.

Small Business Centers

One good resource on college campuses that help students or graduates start businesses are small business development centers. I have worked with these business centers to organize entrepreneurship fairs, judge business plan competitions or train on HR issues. Additionally years ago, I worked with a small business center to help a California software company get started years ago.

Those start-up experiences plus my own work as an entrepreneur led me to write an article for Even though I wrote the article more than a decade ago, the message remains valid. In that article, I compare the preparation for starting a business to how an athlete would prepare for a race. Just like with athletics, entrepreneurship requires preparation and practice.  Both of these are key success factors.

10 Tips to Start a Business

In the article, I explain how each of these tips can help entrepreneurs get their small businesses off the ground. You can read the full article to see what each of the tips mean. Each tip is framed in the context of an athlete getting physically prepared for a race. These tips will help anyone trying to start a business, overcome hurdles that entrepreneurs encounter on the road to startup.

  • “Pump” up your attitude
  • “Rejuvenate” your affiliations
  • “Firm” up your future
  • “Flex” your creative muscles
  • “Supplement” your credentials
  • “Buff and polish” your ideas
  • “Reshape” your perspective
  • “Align” your dreams with reality
  • “Chart” your performance
  • “Map” the future

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Resources

HBCU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Collaborative

White House Promotes Entrepreneurship for HBCUs and MSIs


HBCU Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley (Blacks In Technology)

Business Centers on HBCU Campuses

Center for Entrepreneurship Studies @ Bennett College

Entrepreneurship Center @ Morehouse College

Small Business Development Center @ Howard University

Entrepreneurship Academy @ Bowie State University

Women’s Business Center @ Benedict College