The Real VISA

This is an acronym where the letters mean Values, Interests, Skills and Abilities.

I developed The Real VISA  acronym almost 15 years ago, to help people I coached realize the value in how these four factors influence our life and career choices.  This form of Honest Yearly Personal Exploration (H.Y.P.E.) is critical for career and life growth.  Discovering our own personal Real VISA is only one component in the 5-Point Career Development Model we share.

The bottom line is that the more we understand our personal preferences, the better we will be able to make career, work and life decisions.

How to discover The Real VISA

Career assessment tools help us answer these questions by exploring The Real VISA. Below are free or low cost career assessment tools used frequently.  This list is not exhaustive.  We note in parenthesis who could benefit from the assessment. Visit a career center or ask a career coach to help you interpret the assessment findings.

Career Assessments

Big Five Personality Test

(Anyone) This career assessment has 50 items to be rated on a 5-point scale. On the scale, 1 means “Disagree” to 5 which means “Agree”.  The Big Five assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Career Wise

(Anyone) This survey takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. This survey rates activities people enjoy, personal qualities, and academic subject of interest. Career Wise then clusters career areas based on personal likes.

Clifton Strengths

(Anyone) You may know this test by the name: StrengthsFinder.  This talent assessment is offered by the Gallup organization.  They acknowledge that the assessment will help you discover what you naturally do best, learn how to develop those talents and use your results to effectively live your best life.


(Anyone) DISC is a well-known and widely used self assessment. Discovering one’s dominant personality style results from using this popular tool.  DISC looks at your decisiveness, interactiveness, stability and cautiousness.

Holland Code 

(Anyone) This is a free, 10 minute test that will give you valuable insights on your interests and how those interests could translate into career and work success.  Most career centers can help you take the Holland Code test and will explain the results.

Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

(Alumni, Working Professionals) The The Leadership Challenge (LPI) is based on the work by two leadership experts. This is not recommended for students. It is recommended for professionals with work experience with a 360 degree look at your leadership skills. We highly recommend the LPI for leadership growth.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

(Anyone) Dr. Robinson, Founder of The HBCU Career Center,  is Certified to administer the MBTI assessment which is used by millions of people worldwide yearly. The MBTI is available through many college career centers. According to the creators of the MBTI, “development can be achieved at any age by anyone who cares to understand his or her own gifts and the appropriate use of those gifts.” (Source is Isabel Briggs Myers, Founder of the MBTI via

My Next Move

(Anyone) This is another interest profiler that is based on the US Department of Labor’s O*Net Database.  It connects your results directly to the US workforce, job duties, tasks and skills required for almost every job.

Values Worksheet 

(Anyone) This Values Worksheet is a product of University of San Diego.  It helps you identify your personal values and helps you connect those values with your work and career choices.

If you have used others you want to add to this list, please share at mrobin(at)thehbcucareercenter(dot)com!