Career ToolKit

At The HBCU Career Center we believe in sharing a lot of free career information and resources. When was developed over a decade ago, there was little to no representation of Blacks in the career management industry. Most Black professionals were priced out of paid career management services. Also, both  corporate and college career center websites did not reflect much diversity or inclusion. The career industry has definitely changed, but this website has remained a resource for the HBCU community.

1. Any employer can post jobs or internships

Employers can post jobs and internships at TheHBCUCareerCenter through any of the package options. The packages are designed to help companies expose their brands to a diverse audience of both aspiring and experienced professionals. One of the features of our job board is that higher education institutions (including HBCUs), nonprofits and government agencies get a 15% discount with a coupon code.

2. Anyone can search for jobs or internships posted 

Anyone is welcome to apply for jobs and internships posted at  In fact there are many diverse professionals who do not attend or work at HBCUs who use our job board.

3. Have a Career Question? Ask A Career Pro

There is a ton of free career information and professional development resources on the internet. However, not all of it is relevant or even correct. If you need help separating fact from fiction, send us your questions using the Contact Us link on the home page.

4. Discover our Career Development Model

A key item in our Career Toolkit is our 5-Point Career Development Model.

Dr. Robinson developed the framework for conversations with diverse students, alumni and professionals two decades ago.

It isn’t necessary to use these 5 points in any particular order.  The goal is to find out where you are, what you need to improve and jump in!

Point 1 – Do Honest Self Evaluation

Career assessment tools help you explore, what we call, your REAL V.I.S.A – Values, Interests, Skills and Abilities.  These are the important factors that will influence your life and career choices. The more you understand about yourself, the better you will be able to evaluate options and make decisions.  Career assessment tools like the MBTI can help anyone get unstuck or clarify a career path.

Point 2 – Expand Career and Industry Awareness

Expanding your knowledge and awareness of careers and industries is a must for anyone looking to find their place in the current evolving workplace.  This research is how you will know which skills and competencies are currently in demand and which skills will be in demand in the future.  Having a list of resources to assist you with research to keep current is key.  We constantly update our list of 25 Twitter Pages that can keep you in the loop with new career information.

Point 3 – Manage your Image

Everyone must take ownership of their own professional image.  Whether you are a student, a new graduate, an emerging professional or a seasoned expert, you must definitely understand how to become the kind of professional that the labor market needs. Resumes, communication skills, interviewing skills, networking, social media and personal reputation are all part of your professional image.

Point 4 – Gain Experience

Meaningful and non-trivial professional experiences are a major part of a successful career strategy.  Your experiences will impact your longer term career satisfaction.  Meaningful experiences will come through work, internships, co-ops, fieldwork, volunteer opportunities and even travel or study-abroad opportunities. Find ways to participate in these types of activities.  College students in particular should know that it is possible to have a competitive resume with significant experience even before you graduate.

Point 5 – Make DOING a habit

Emerging professionals and new alumni must develop plans for successful transitions to a life of doing.  One of our favorite mantras is: It is not about what we want to BE when we grow up; It is instead about what we want to DO with our lives.  Finding and feeling success will come when you feel like your work will help to impact and shape the world around you.