Nex Cubed Wants You to Be a HBCU Tech Founder

Nex Cubed HBCU Tech Founder ProgramEntrepreneurship is a powerful way to share your skills and values with the world. The thrill of creating a vision and building something from the ground up can be a rewarding life path. This path requires a lot of preparation. As such, students who see themselves as a future HBCU tech founder must start building skills early. If starting a business is the path you are planning, then you need to jump into a startup landscape. Consider how cool it would be to build up your business savvy before  graduation or as a recent graduate.

There are great ways to polish your business acumen early. One way, is to join an entrepreneurship program where you can learn from experienced pros. 

How to Be a HBCU Tech Founder

One great option to explore is Nex Cubed’s HBCU Founder’s Program.

Jade Lockard, a Spelman College Grad, is working with Nex Cubed to recruit HBCU students and recent grads for their program that kicks off this fall. Through this program, tech leaders will give students hands on experience to create and explore tech-based business concepts. Some of the sectors where students will explore ideas include financial services, real estate, education, and digital health. 

When Jade reached out to us at The HBCU Career Center, we were immediately excited about the program.

In chatting with her, Jade shared that the program will start with a series of virtual workshops and panels led by industry professionals. Program participants will pitch their business ideas for a chance to join a two month intensive acceleration program in Silicon Valley. The participants will have several months to develop their ideas. 

For more program details and to sign up for consideration, visit Nex Cubed’s website here.

If Nex Cubed’s program is as comprehensive as Jade suggests it will be, it would be a great opportunity for students and new grads.

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