How To Use The HBCU Career Center Job Board

The HBCU Career Center Job BoardThe HBCU Career Center job board is the premier resource for connecting the HBCU community with organizations offering career and internship opportunities. Through the job board, these announcements reach students, new alumni and experienced working professionals. In fact 74% of our users already hold a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree. In addition to The HBCU Career Center job board opportunities, there are many job search resources for job seekers and career researchers in the Career Toolkit.

The HBCU Career Center job board allows users to:

  1. Search Jobs and Internships and easily find opportunities using keywords and location
  2. Create Email Alerts and relevant jobs and internships will be emailed directly to your inbox
  3. Check out Suggested Jobs using modern job board technology that will suggest jobs and internships based on previous searches
  4. Explore the Future of Work if you don’t know where jobs are going. Use the job board to research the job skills that are in demand for target industries right now. Find out what employers are looking for from job applicants right now? If users know the job skills that are in demand, then they can take action to learn the skills they need
  5. Upload Your Resumes and make them public. This allows employers to contact users with eligible openings
  6. Request a Resume Review from a professional resume writer
  7. Browse the Company Directory of company profiles for companies that care about inclusion. These companies have taken the time to build their company profiles on The HBCU Career Center job board.
  8. Leverage Career Resources – Interview tips, resume advice, and more will help users stand out amongst the competition. Users can get expert career advice from our career blog
  9. Apply Easily or Quickly by uploading or emailing resumes quickly
  10. Ask Career Questions.  If you need a response to a serious career question, contact us to get career or job search questions answered

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