Sophomore Year

By your sophomore year you should have done at least one class in your preferred major, finished a summer, when hopefully, you developed some additional skills and you should have attended at least one career center event. If you haven’t, it’s not too late to start.

I usually tell students that after sophomore year in college, we will eliminate High School activities from their resumes. Therefore, this year is all about laying a foundation for a new college resume.

Tips to make your Sophomore Year a career success:

  • Start exploring career options within your major. Keep in mind that the name of your major does not mean the name of your career. eg. Not all Psychology majors are Psychologists.
  • Keep up with your academics. Meet your advisor as planned.
  • Thinking Double Major or adding a Minor? Begin conversations with faculty.
  • Update your profile in the college career center database.
  • Update your resume. Get a resume critique from the career center.
  • Remember that your  personal social media brand – Facebook, Twitter etc. – will be important in your internship search. What are you sharing online?
  • Attend a campus involvement fair and join a campus club.
  • Go to career center events such as job fair, career workshop or mock interview.
  • Start thinking about summer internships early. Keep in mind many companies have internship application deadlines in the fall before the summer experience.
  • Explore study abroad or Alternative Spring Break experiences for spring break or summer.

Sophomore Career Resources:

Start thinking about how to manage your college debt, private student loans and loan consolidation.  It’s not too early!