Freshman Year Experience

If you are beginning your college life, regardless of your age, and if you are like most students, you might still be fuzzy on what career path you will want to pursue in the future. Few students have a pretty good idea about what their future career could be. Let me caution you – Do not be surprised if at some point during your college experience you want to make a change. The Freshman year experience is a big year for changes. Studies show that at least 50% of college students change majors at least once before graduation.

Why college students change their majors?

  • You discover more about your V.I.S.A. (Values, Interest, Skills and Abilities) and you could become curious about other college majors.
  • You have no idea about the career options that await you. It’s possible that you could pursue a well known profession, an emerging profession or even make up your own path, not yet defined.
  • You take a class in your major and you decide that you really don’t like the material you will have to study at all.

No matter what your major is going to be, my best advice for college freshmen is – Start good career habits early and find the career center on campus in your first semester!

Career tips to make Freshman year experience a success:

  • Think more about what you want to DO instead of what you want to BE. Don’t get hung up on job titles.
  • Update your social media carefully because things last a long time.
  • Expand your career and industry awareness by asking questions, reading and going to events on campus.
  • Focus on academics. Many competitive internships in your sophomore and junior years will require a 3.0 or higher GPA.
  • Explore activities and events to really understand your V.I.S.A.
  • Find the career center on your campus in the first semester.
  • Register with the career center to get updates about career events on campus.
  • Get your job search documents ready (Resume, Cover Letter, Thank you letter)
  • Plan your summers early. Don’t leave college without a study abroad experience, volunteering, internships and doing meaningful spring breaks.
  • Start thinking about how to manage your private student loans and loan consolidation.  It’s not too early!

Freshman Career Resources: