70% of Employers Looking at Job Applicant Social Media Accounts

Recent Career Buildjob applicant social media hiringer survey confirms what you already know – Employers are looking at applicant social media accounts.  The number is up from 60% in 2016 to 70% in 2017.  We can only assume it will keep growing.


What’s good about employers looking at applicant social media?

Well according to survey respondents, recruiters are looking at the following good things and making hiring decisions:

61% looking for information that supports the candidate’s knowledge and skills for the job

50% are looking to see if you have a good professional online presence

37% are looking to see what other people say about you

24% are looking for any reason at all, NOT to hire you

More than half (54%) of the recruiters said they found information on job applicant social media accounts that caused them not to make a job offer.

Candidate posted provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information: 39 %

Candidate posted information about them drinking or using drugs: 38 %

Candidate had discriminatory comments related to race, gender or religion: 32 %

Candidate bad-mouthed their previous company or fellow employee: 30 %

Candidate lied about qualifications: 27 %

Candidate had poor communication skills: 27 %

Candidate was linked to criminal behavior: 26 %

Candidate shared confidential information from previous employers: 23 %

Candidate’s screen name was unprofessional: 22 %

Candidate lied about an absence: 17 %

Candidate posted too frequently: 17 %

No question that this for all the benefits that job applicants have with using social media in the job search, there are some other challenges that come with no longer being anonymous.  Today it is not just your resume, cover letter and job interview.  It is about what you may or may not be doing relevant or not relevant to your job, that your are posting in your social media account that could get recruiters to either not extend or rescind a job offer.  Recruiters are doing everything they can to find the right candidate for vacancies and, for now, looking at job applicant social media accounts is one way they are doing that.

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