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What are the Best Majors for Future Employment?

Of course no one can predict the future accurately! However, HBCU college students planning for the future, should be aware of employment trends.
A global Human Resources consulting firm, Challenger, Gray and Christmas, well known for their knowledge and research of future employment trends recently conducted a survey of HR Managers.

They asked HR Managers what they would tell today’s college freshman, about which college majors to choose. The answer that came back from the survey, was overwhelming – Pick a major in one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) disciplines.

The HR executives said they would advise college freshmen to study for the engineering, computer science, or healthcare fields to avoid being unemployed after graduation.

“This recession may have many freshmen second-guessing career plans. Certainly those who were contemplating a future in financial services or home building may be looking for new options,” said CEO John Challenger. “It is impossible to predict what the job market will look like in four years. Young people entering college this fall could graduate into a job market that is still recovering from recession.”

Does this mean that HBCU college freshman or any other HBCU student for that matter, should immediately see their advisers and change their college major? No.

We all know that many factors influence career and college major choices. Not just what industry says.

It is important, however, that HBCU students understand employment trends, and learn about what employers say they want. Having worked with thousands of college students, including HBCU students – I can tell you that – regardless of college major, graduates can build a successful career in a field they love. They key is to plan early, expand industry and career awareness and stay on top of employment trends.

So whether you are a Liberal Arts, Pre-Law or a Biology major, there are roles for you in emerging industries if you develop skills that are flexible and transferable between industries and stay focused on your longer term career goals.
(Source – CW, 31 August, 2009 – Reprinted from IEEE Computer Society Magazine)
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