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    • 7 Ways to Shine in Your Internship

      College students who do internships get more job offers after graduation.

    • 60 Minute Resume Challenge!

      Proofread your resume before you add to our job board.

    • A Simple Assignment Improves Job Search

      You've come too far to not be prepared for this next step.

    • 3 Career Myths that Could Stall Your Career

      If you ever feel stuck in a job or career consider which myths might be holding you back.

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    • We established The HBCU Career Center to help and encourage diverse students and alumni to pursue and achieve success through career planning, work experiences, and meaningful college activities such as internships and study abroad. In these times of shrinking budgets when most career programs are underfunded, we are here as a resource to augment career centers already on college campuses to support their students. We provide expert advice, data, tools, resources, event information and news on career, workplace and job trends. I believe we keep HBCUs Respected, Resilient and Relevant by demonstrating value through the success of our alumni.

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    State of HBCU Career Centers

    If developed and used strategically, college career centers can play a pivotal role to attract, retain and successfully graduate the new professionals needed to #ReSkillAmerica.

    HBCU career centers, like most other college career centers, are often underfunded, understaffed and struggle to meet the needs of constituents. All this, at a time when employers are seeking competitive college graduates who are professionally prepared and able to hit the ground running.

    This State of HBCU Career Centers Survey aggregates the responses from 33 colleges and universities.

    State of HBCU Career Centers

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    2013 State of HBCU Career Centers