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8 Steps to Land the Perfect Internship

The economy is pretty much booming right now with the unemployment rate close to 5%.perfect internship Although that’s a good indication that there is an internship with your name on it, you won’t get it if you don’t stay “woke” (that means “aware” like my students say often).

Whether or not the internship was paid or unpaid, 75% of the 2015 grads agreed that they were satisfied with their internship experiences (Source naceweb.org). One way to improve your chances of being satisfied with your internship, is to try and land that dream, perfect internship early.

Since fall is the big recruiting period for summer internships, you should know that many deadlines have already passed for competitive internships.

Here are some tips as you try to land that perfect internship experience.

1. Use all available resources. Take advantage of the career counselors and coaches in the career center at your college or university.

2. Talk to your network of friends, fellow Greek life associates, faculty, staff and family.  Ask upperclassmen about internships they completed. They may be able to make a recommendation for you.

3. Pump up your professional job seeking skills. Take your internship search seriously. It is just as if you are looking for a full-time job.

4. Watch that sloppy, social media speak in your correspondence. Too many college students are using texting and social media language in formal job search documents.

5. Check your voice mail message and ask yourself if that message would make a potential employer want to call you back.

6. Do your research and show your interest in the company by targeting your resume and your cover letter to the company and the position.

7. Get job interview help!  Please find your campus career center, do a mock interview to practice your interview skills and get feedback.

8. Clean up your social media profile as soon as possible.  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ are all places that recruiters are using to evaluate applicants.

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