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Seriously Want the Job? Show some Enthusiasm in the Job Interview

enthusiasm in the job interviewSome job seekers believe they don’t stand a chance to be hired for certain jobs because they don’t believe they are “excitable” enough.  As one job seeker shared with me. “I am not the bubbly-jumping-out-of-my-seat-type, so I might not show all that enthusiasm in the job interview.” True.  So instead of thinking about showing enthusiasm in the job interview, let’s think more about showing a positive attitude and high energy. Therefore, whether or not you think of yourself as excitable or not, you can develop specific strategies to bring enthusiasm in the job interview.

Keeping energy levels high during the job interview shows enthusiasm

Every job seeker must do some introspection to know what is right for them and what is comfortable to do in a job interview. Here is a simple example. If you are a job seeker who is a morning person, you might find that job interviews in the morning work better for you when your energy level is highest. If you are a job seeker who peaks in the afternoon, then afternoon job interviews might be better for you. Similar patterns might apply for you with nutrition. Don’t risk being in a job interview where you are more concerned with a growling stomach, than you are with the questions your interviewer is asking. Keeping your energy level high is one way to ensure you will show enthusiasm in the job interview.

Doing research before the job interview might help you show enthusiasm

Another way job seekers can show enthusiasm in the job interview is to do the required research ahead of time. During the job interview is not the time to ask the employer basic questions like such as who are your customers? Who are your competitors? Job seekers who do the research ahead of time, can have more meaningful conversations in the job interview. It is easier to show enthusiasm in the job interview if a job seeker knows why this would be a great job to have. One recruiter told me that sometimes he actually tunes out of the interview, when a job seeker shows no enthusiasm for the job. Being able to speak about the company and ask insightful questions will show enthusiasm for the job and show passion for the industry.

Show you are ready for a new role

Some job seekers worry that if they show enthusiasm in the job interview they might come across as desperate. On the other hand, as one job seeker shared, “I really don’t want to look like I think I will be rejected again.” Instead, show enthusiasm in the interview by speaking honestly about why this position would be a good next-step in your career. Say why the timing is perfect. To continue to show enthusiasm for the job, beyond the job interview, restate your interest in a thank-you letter.

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