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Positive Attitude is Key to Career Success

Positive thinking and career successStart Positive – Nothing really happens without that!

We use National Career Development Month to help people recognize the importance of life-long career development and professional growth. This month gives all of us an opportunity to assess our existing jobs and career situations, explore alternatives, and develop plans that will better prepare us for the future we want.

Whether you feel stuck in your existing career; satisfied, but still exploring or just thinking about a transition, or want to set some new goals or measure yourself against your New Years resolutions, this is a good time to begin.

First off, on day one, we want to start the month by emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude.  John Maxwell, world famous leadership expert says that “successful people don’t have fewer problems than unsuccessful people – they just have a different mindset.”

That positive mindset begins with you. Some quick ways to do that:

-Reaffirm to yourself that being positive is a choice that will make a difference and that it is your responsibility to do that for yourself.

-Surround yourself with positive people.  Find a way, if only for the month, to separate yourself from people who only spew negativity.  If you can’t avoid them, then tell them – “I’m taking a break from negativity this month.”

-Know what triggers negative thoughts around your work or career goals and what you need to do to change channels mentally when those thoughts seep in.

-Understand the role that negativity plays in elevating your stress levels.  People can have physical reactions to stress which can’t be ignored.

-Add some inspiration to your workspace. Print out a inspirational message. Yes, it’s on your phone, but seeing it written is impactful too, because others see it and better know who you are.

Bottom line is that it’s hard to stay in a place you hate whether it’s school or work. However, only positive thinking can change that.

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