Read Job Postings Carefully!

read job postingsToo many job seekers get really attached to position titles and overlook the actual work, tasks and assignments involved in a particular job.  Don’t make this mistake.  Look past the job titles and read job postings carefully.

As you read the job postings, you should be thinking about the skills and behaviors you have compared to what the employer wants.

Some tips for reading job postings:

1. Look for a match between the skills and experience you have and the skills and experience required in the job posting.

2. Remember that skills are transferable from one industry to the next or from one job to the next.

3. Keep in mind that statistics show that about 80% of the people who get hired only have about 60% of the skills listed in the job description.  You don’t have to already have your experience doing exactly the same work.

4. Job postings are just as full of keywords as your resume should be.  Sometimes you have to read between the lines since the postings are written for the web, with SEO goals in mind.  After all the employer wants to make sure you find their job posting, just as much as you want them to find your resume.

5. Read between the lines and think about the “success behaviors” behind the job description.  Plan to showcase these behaviors in your resume and explain them as you sell your brand in the job interview.

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