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Consider Headhunters and Employment Agencies

headhunters and employment agenciesHeadhunters and employment agencies are valid options for job seekers.

If you are looking for a new career in this economy, headhunters and employment agencies help job seekers get into companies they admire and sometimes can get resumes past application tracking systems.

As with everything else, proceed with caution and do your research and due diligence since some recruiters and headhunters do charge up-front fees. You do not want this to be a surprise to you.

To help with your research, TheLadders.com has a list of 10 Questions To Ask Headhunters to see if they are a good fit to help you find what you are looking for.

Three ways to connect with headhunters and employment agencies:

1. Use social networking sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. Keep in mind that recruiters and headhunters are looking for professionals so keep your online persona positive. When you first reach out to the recruiter, don’t just ask for a job.  Ask about their services? what they do? How they can help? Ask for insight on the industry and the job?  Headhunters and employment agencies have recruiters who are super busy people so schedule appointments and be respectful of their time.

2. Ask the professionals in your college career center.  Too many college students and alumni forget about the resources on their college campuses to connect with headhunters and recruiters.  Career center staff can give you recommendations since some centers actually allow some recruiters and staffing firms to participate in college job fairs.

3. Connect with recruiters and headhunters through professional association memberships. No matter what industry you are interested in, there are professional associations affiliated with your industry.  Many recruiters and headhunters stay connected with professional associations and meet their potential candidates that way.

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