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Career Placement Center on Campus – Can They Help?

career placement centerAlthough the trend has shifted away from the use of the word “placement” in the names of career offices on college campuses, your college or university may still have an office called “Career Placement Center”.

Even if the staff there doesn’t use that name, many students, staff and even faculty on college campuses will often use that term and have the wrong concept of what such an office does. Sometimes college students delay job searches because they perceive that the “career placement center” office will do just that and place them in a job or an internship.

That is a perception that you want to change very early. Do not be misled when you hear the “placement” word because no one, except an employer, can actually “place” you in a job.

The career office can, however, help get your foot in the door with employers because they do the following things to support your job search:

  • Develop strong relationships with employers
  • Secure and make available job leads for all students
  • Share with you what specific employers want
  • Assist you to create a stronger resume
  • Help you with job interview practice and preparation
  • Coach you through a specific job search strategy
  • Support you with job search tips
  • Host employers for on-campus mock interviews or real interviews
  • Provide faculty and administration with feedback about professional skills demanded by industry
  • Encourage and support positive behaviors
  • Teach you how to develop job search skills that will lead to lifelong employment
  • Suggest to employers you would make a great candidate; if they believe so!

Despite all your career center does, YOU ultimately will be in the job interview by YOURSELF and YOU must sell your skills and your brand to employers.

Proactive students are successful, when they take responsibility for his/her own job search.

Keep in mind also that you will have to conduct a successful job search many times throughout your career. Gaining the skills to do it successfully is critical to your long term professional success.

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