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Campus Leadership is Something to Brag About

Dillard University Fall 2017Congratulations to the new batch of student leaders on the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities this fall! As a former college Dean and HR Pro, I never miss a chance to congratulate students who have the courage to not only participate in campus organizations, but to step up to leadership roles too.

Walk around any college campus and you will find tons of information about campus involvement opportunities.

Look for:

1. Organizational membership fairs (Photo from Dillard University)

2. Invitations to run for office and hold leadership positions

3. Congratulatory messages for new organization leaders

4. Training for students in campus leadership roles

There are several reasons why campus leadership and involvement are so important and such a critical part of student life.  One BIG reason is that organizational participation really gives a student something to brag about!

College is more than academics

I know you have heard that before. The fact is, building your academic credentials is only a part of why you go to college. Yes. You want to excel in the classroom. In addition, you definitely want to develop those other skills that employers look for every year including teamwork, collaboration, self-motivation and interpersonal maturity.  These are behaviors that employers and graduate schools seek when they evaluate applicants.  Campus organizations will allow students to build these skills that are very much aligned with the workplace skills employers demand from today’s new college grads.

I’ve been working with college students and graduates for almost two decades and I always talk about the three things I believe students must do before they graduate, especially if they are on a HBCU campus.  Campus leadership is always on my list, not only because I have heard it personally from hundreds of employers, I have seen it in many lists of workplace skills employers want as well as in workplace trend research.

If you want something to brag about when you are looking for internships, applying for grad schools or jobs after college, campus involvement and campus leadership have to be on your list of priorities while you are in college.

The fact is simply that campus leaders land more job offers after graduation. They just do and I have seen them to do it. If you are not already involved in a campus group or organization – find one. Join. Participate. If your campus doesn’t have one you like; start one!

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