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Build a Career Advisory Board

Career advisory boardTime to hail your C.A.B.

If you have followed my blogs for the last several years, you know that I am a fan of developing quick and easy acronyms to reinforce career management ideas. Today, I am introducing one of those acronyms that I have used for years to explain the concept of a Career Advisory Board.

Imagine a cab ride that will get you from point A to point B.  The concept of this C.A.B. is the same – it is a vehicle that will help you get from one point to the next in your career.  I admit, it might be cheesy, but it works!

Whether you are a new, emerging professional or an experienced professional, there is value in developing a career advisory board. If you have to grow or change in an ever evolving workplace, you will need all the help and support you can get.  That is the value of a career advisory board.

Who will you include in your C.A.B.?

There is room for many people in your C.A.B., including former supervisors, mentors, career coaches, professors or HR managers. All are potential members of your Career Advisory Board. Success in today’s workplace requires that we are able to evaluate information from multiple sources and come up with the best course of action for us.

The workplace of today requires us to spend a lot of time on projects with exactly that same concept of gathering and filtering ideas from multiple sources. Your goal should be to evaluate the advice coming in from your Career Advisory Board members and filter out the best information for you to use and apply right now.

Your Career Advisory Board doesn’t have to be large. My recommendation would be between five and ten persons. These are folks you will tell about your professional goals, your milestones and who you know you can count on to support your initiatives and goals.

If you want to step up your networking game too, invite them all to dinner or find a way to connect them to each other.

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