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Biggest Resume Mistakes

resume mistakes…and he should know.  Laszlo Bock is the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google.  He reads a LOT of resumes and decided to share this list of biggest resume mistakes he sees.

Of course, there is no surprise that certain things will always end up on any list of resume mistakes.  The basics identified by Bock are typos, errors, formatting and lies.  One other resume mistake struck me and I wanted to share it specifically.

Confidential information

Here is what Bock had to say, “I once received a resume from an applicant working at a top-three consulting firm. This firm had a strict confidentiality policy: client names were never to be shared. On the resume, the candidate wrote: “Consulted to a major software company in Redmond, Washington.” Rejected! There’s an inherent conflict between your employer’s needs (keep business secrets confidential) and your needs (show how awesome I am so I can get a better job). So candidates often find ways to honor the letter of their confidentiality agreements but not the spirit. It’s a mistake.”

Bock’s point is that even though the job seeker did not mention Microsoft specifically, everyone knows which major software company is in Redmond Washington.  Bock also shared that in a quick survey, they found that 5-10% of applicants were sharing  confidential information on their resumes.

The lesson here?  Put yourself in the employers shoe.  Don’t you think he would believe that you will share his company’s secrets too?  In business when success requires you be a first-mover in the market, protecting confidential information is key.

Be careful what you share!  By the way, it could cost you more than the potential job if you disclosing proprietary information is one of the resume mistakes for which you get busted.

Read Bock’s article here.

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