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Artificial Intelligence in Hiring; AI is all over your Job Search

AI in hiringIf you are graduating soon, you should know that recruiters are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the hiring process.  That voice on the other end of the phone could be a real person or a real computer like a Chatbot or an Avatar of some kind. You probably won’t know.  See how companies like Ikea, L’Oreal and PepsiCo are using the hiring robot Vera in the recruiting process.

For the last several years the big issue I talked to new grads about was how to manage social media in the job search.  I wrote a lot about that.

You should know the basics of social media recruiting by now – clean up your digital dirt, stay professional when working with HR and make sure you are well represented across professional social networking sites like LinkedIn.

Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

Well today, new grads should know that the use of Artificial Intelligence in hiring, is dominating the recruiting conversation.   In other words, Artificial Intelligence is all over your job search and if recruiters are talking about it, then you need to know about it.

It is possible that as you apply for jobs, Artificial Intelligence in some way or the other, without getting too technical, is being used to:

-Screen or scan your resume or your CV.

-Schedule your job interviews or actually “meet with you” to conduct your interview.

-Compare your profile via your resume or application to the profile of successful employees in the organization and rating your potential.

Companies are increasingly depending on Artificial Intelligence in hiring because it saves time for recruiters on administrative work, reduces the costs of bad hires and some say – eliminates bias in the job search.

Whatever the reason, the Class of 2018 should know that all of us will be increasingly connect with Artificial Intelligence in hiring and the more we know about it the better prepared we will be.

Of course, Artificial Intelligence won’t completely replace the people in HR, but you may find that AI could either make it harder for you to get in front of a real person or fast track you through the process.

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