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About The HBCU Career Center

ProfessionalPhoto 2 MFR 11-30-18About: The HBCU Career Center

Since the first Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) were founded in the US in the early 1800’s, these schools have evolved into a diverse group of nationally recognized higher education institutions. From the very earliest days, these colleges and universities worked within their mission to educate, develop and support students who graduated and contributed to regional, national and even a global workforce. Despite financial challenges, HBCU’s as a group, continue to produce competitive college graduates capable of translating their education and experience into lifelong employability. Did you know that while representing only 3% of America’s post-secondary institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) graduate 25% of African Americans with undergraduate degrees?  The HBCU Career Center supports the career goals of the broad community of supporters who enable these institutions.

HBCU Diversity

Despite what many people think, the diversity at America’s HBCUs, is not limited to the demographics of the students. Diversity at HBCU’s is also evident in the types of academic programs offered and the thousands of faculty, staff and administrators, who serve and support the mission of these campuses. HBCUs have a critical role to play as we shape the US workforce to meet global competition. The HBCU Career Center supports the professional and career success of a broad community of diverse students, alumni and staff with honest, current and timely information relevant to professional success.

Mission of The HBCU Career Center

I started The HBCU Career Center in 2007.  It was a continuation of the work I had done for many years writing, training and coaching on career, workplace, employment and human resources issues to support the professional development of diverse audiences often not represented and priced out of the marketplace for professional career management services. We are laser focused on a few main goals:

  • Re-Skill America: Develop and proliferate a culture of understanding around the role that the Black community, primarily through HBCU education, has played in shaping and developing a diverse, professional US workforce.
  • College to Work Pipeline: Champion effective, relevant, timely and appropriate career programming on college campuses to support diverse students and emerging new alumni.
  • Work Habits: Support the professional growth of a diverse workforce through information sharing or advice on current workplace, career, HR and industry trends, practices and success habits.
  • Workplace Automation: Research, publish, present and educate on how artificial intelligence is impacting workplace automation and the broad redesign of organizations. Of particular interest is knowledge work automation through Algorithm-Based-Hiring, and the collaboration between human and artificial intelligence to do work will impact certain communities.

My professional background includes decades of human resources and management functions across Higher Education, Aviation, Hospitality, Technology and Public sectors. In higher education, I held leadership roles in four college career centers.   At Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, the oldest institution designated as a Historically Black College or University (See a full list of HBCU campuses here), I established the Center for Career & Professional Development and the Cheyney Internship Institute.  Through my work in colleges, I have developed innovative  and meaningful partnerships between universities and some of America’s largest corporations.

I am a member of several career and human resources professional associations, have presented at national conferences and you will find my career articles widely published across the internet.  I have been recognized as a top writer for Yahoo Services for my articles on career, workplace and employment trends and information and was recognized as a Delaware Valley HR Person of the Year.

My goal is to continue working with students, alumni, new professionals, college career centers and employers to better engage and develop a diverse pool of professionals.  These professionals, be they employees or business owners, will fulfill their dreams of lifelong sustainability through career and workplace success.

I believe successful graduates who sustain themselves, their families and their communities are the best ambassadors for the HBCU mission and become themselves the best protectors and advocates of the legacy of these great institutions.

Dr. Marcia Robinson MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Founder, The HBCU Career Center
mrobin (at) thehbcucareercenter (dot) com

Connect with me on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.



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