6 Ways You are Just Killing your Resume

killing your resumeMost HBCU students and new HBCU alumni don’t really know that the better the economy is the more competition there is to land really good interviews for their dream position. One reason is that Millennials are willing do a little bit of job hopping and therefore you might find yourself in a competitive situation as you apply for jobs and internships.  Good economy = busy recruiters who are quick to toss your resume.  Here are just six resume writing no-no’s that are just killing your resume.

Two manny erors. Those spelling errors turn you off right? So why do you think it would be any different with recruiters and hiring managers? Of course that should be “Too many errors” and recruiters really hate it when you don’t proof read and correct your own resume.

No outcomes anywhere. Stop filling your resume with a bunch of tasks.  Recruiters have to be able to see that you know why you did what you did and what happened as a result of your work.

Irrelevant stuff having nothing to do with the job. If you are bent on killing your resume, this is really one way to do it. Double check the content you include for relevance.

Lying won’t just kill your resume, it will kill your career. By the way, it is totally unnecessary. Work with a resume writer or the career center to turn the experience you do have into meaningful work that recruiters want to see.

You are rushing through it and it shows in the lack of thoughtful details. This is one sure way of killing your resume and forcing the recruiter to send it to “File 13” otherwise known as the trash.

Trying to use the same resume for everything and sticking to a boring template with either generic details or general information. I get it.  You are hoping the recruiter will sift through it and make the case for you.  That won’t work.  Recruiters are super busy people and the better the economy is, the busier they get.  Take the time to read the job postings carefully and customize your document to meet those specific needs.

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