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20 Common Job Search Mistakes

Job Search Mistakes

Job Search Mistakes

If you have read my blog before, you know I love lists.

They are a great way to get to the heart of the issue really fast. So after being in many conversations over the last several weeks about new grads who can’t find jobs, I wanted to just remind everyone of the 20 common job search mistakes updated for 2015.  Chances are that no one is making all of these job search mistakes, but if you have been struggling with a job search, you might want to consider these things.

  1. Not following up with recruiters or networking contacts
  2. Not creating a LinkedIn profile page
  3. Not cleaning up social media profiles
  4. Not showing connections to industry or career through membership or affiliation
  5. Not using strong writing skills through resumes, applications or emails
  6. Not showing practical application of learning and knowledge
  7. Not using a current resume customized for each opportunity
  8. Not showing any focus for preferred roles, industries etc.
  9. Not using a thank-you letter for interviews or referrals
  10. Not researching organizations before the job interview
  11. Not developing a portfolio of work or accomplishments
  12. Not doing practice interviews
  13. Not using niche job boards
  14. Not aware of the 3 C’s of Interviewing: Using excellent Communication skills to speak with Confidence about your Competencies!
  15. Not considering relocation as a viable option
  16. Not seeking current advice on what employers want
  17. Not using the career center on your college campus
  18. Not being clear about what you want or are looking for in your next opportunity
  19. Not being involved in any internships, leadership projects, study abroad or volunteer activities
  20. Not lining up awesome references

So, if any of these common job search mistakes apply to you, work daily to make improvements and keep a positive attitude.  YOUR opportunity is closer if you get your focus on, and work on these job search mistakes.

HBCU Career Centers:  Contact me at mrobin(at)thehbcucareercenter (dot) com if you want to use this presentation for a workshop.  I will be happy to customize with your campus colors and logo!

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