Why Internships are Important

STEM InternshipsIf you are wondering why internships are important; the reasons are many!

First and foremost – Employers value internships!

Whether you are a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior, internships should be a part of your college experience.  In fact, multiple internships should be part of your long term career strategy.

Whether the company or your college or university career center calls this kind of college work experience a Co-Op or an Internship — it doesn’t matter. What should matter are the benefits you will get from this professional experience.

Here are just some of the ways that an internship helps a college student:

  • Explore a career or an industry from the inside.
  • Develop industry-specific job skills and abilities.
  • Gain real industry knowledge and workplace insight to bring back to the classroom.
  • Build a professional network of contacts including mentors and sponsors.
  • Master the job search process.
  • Get a full time career offer even before graduation. In 2017 the rate of conversion from intern to regular employer was 56%.  So you can complete your internship in August of one year and receive a job offer to return as an employee after graduation the following year.

Most employers consider  internship experiences as legitimate working experience when they evaluate your job application materials in the hiring process.  Having multiple internships could definitely be a substitute for one to two years of work experience on a resume.

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