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The HBCU Career Center wants you to know that we sponsor campus or community activities/events that promote  career training, workplace diversity and inclusion, skill building and leadership development.

As you complete this request, please be clear how this sponsorship (up to $350) will support these specific goals. The events or activities we sponsor do NOT have to occur on a HBCU campus but must involve supporters of the HBCU community eg. Support for student/staff to attend professional event.

It is possible that requests made within three weeks before the event/activity date will not be eligible for full consideration of the sponsorship.

Purpose and description of the event*. In up to 300 words, please give us relevant details. Include how and why this event/activity contributes to the goals stated above; details of how the funds will be used; any affiliation to larger organizations; what portion of the overall budget will be covered by this sponsorship.

The HBCU Career Center logo cannot be used to misrepresent any event/activity or without our approval. Sponsorship assumes no liability for relevant and non-relevant activities that may occur. The HBCU Career Center will expect post event documentation including event summary and any relevant event photos.

Documents Attached:

Acceptable file types: doc, docx, pdf, txt, gif, jpg, jpeg, png. Maximum file size: 1mb.

Note - If you are submitting a resume for critique, please join The HBCU Career Center and Upload your Resume through the job board.