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Talk About Projects in Job Interviews

Job Interviews ProjectsProjects completed are great examples of practical use of your knowledge. If you share project information on a resume, it is still a good idea to talk about projects in job interviews.

Keep in mind that the recruiter’s thinking process goes something like this – “The best indicator of future behavior of an employee or an intern in my company is that person’s past behavior.”  So, when you talk about projects in job interviews you are reassuring the recruiter that you have actually used the skills before.   For example, rather than list classes or titles of training sessions, highlight actual projects where you have used the training.

What better way to demonstrate past behavior in a job interview by speaking about projects you completed.

Imagine the difference in a recruiter’s response to a candidate who lists – Market Research II as a class on their resume, compared to someone who details an actual Market Research Project?

Talking projects in job interviews?

Whether you are seeking internships or looking for new jobs talk about projects in the job interview to demonstrate:

– areas of career interest

– personal strengths

– personal initiative

– the quality work that you can do

– research skills

– competency with technology, tools or lab equipment

– ability to collaborate or resolve conflicts

– time management

– leadership skills

– presentation skills

– writing skills

When trying to decide which projects to talk about in the job interview – think about projects you completed on your own and as part of a team.

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