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Tech Will Collide with Work in 2019

January 11, 2019 8:40 pm Published by

In many ways, the workplace is always a kind of a public agenda barometer. Even though professional settings don’t always exactly mirror the real world, it certainly paints an apt picture about how people are thinking. All this is to say that when a paradigm shifts inside the workplace, one can rest assured that it’s probably shifting everywhere else too. Even though last year is in the rearview mirror now, it was a year of big work changes. Here are just three ways tech will collide with work this next... View Article

New York City Steps Up For Equal Pay

April 6, 2017 7:05 pm Published by

As of Wednesday, it is officially illegal for any potential employer in New York City, to ask a prospective employee to disclose their previous salary information. Passed in an overwhelming 47 to 3 vote, one day after the annual Equal-Pay-Day, this bill says that New York City job seekers will no longer have to fear how to answer the dreaded salary question in the job interview. This is the second of two recent strides against income inequality made by Public Advocate, Letitia James. The first was made in August 2016, when James released a report that... View Article

Ignorance Is Not Bliss: The Real Reason You Must Study Abroad

June 1, 2014 9:24 pm Published by

Why should I study abroad? When I moved to a rural village in Japan, I was not expecting for my patience, mental stamina, and faith to be tested! I am often asked, “why should I study abroad?” and “why should I learn another language?” A simple Google search of these questions tells us studying abroad ‘enhances your marketability to employers’, ‘helps you to have a well-rounded skill set and experience base’, and so on.  These points while 100% accurate no doubt, stated alone are like a parent saying “because I... View Article

Keep Learning as Your Company Falls Apart

September 1, 2009 1:52 am Published by

-When Bank of America and Countrywide announced a merger, 7,500 jobs were lost! -United and Continental airlines were cutting routes and personnel due to rising fuel costs! -UBS, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs distributed pink slips on Wall Street only months after meltdown of Bear Stearns. When we speak at the organizational level like this, we sometimes forget that there are people working with these companies whose lives and careers are changing in ways they might not have foreseen. Recent grad or staff at schools that are struggling financially might feel... View Article



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