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Women Leave Science Careers

August 31, 2020 12:00 pm Published by

The MIT Technology Review reported that even though equal amounts of men and women pursue graduate degrees in science a significant number of women leave science careers both in the private sector and academia. Why women leave science careers? Apparently the reasons are many. Nature.com says that nearly half of US women leave science careers after the birth of their first child. One study of 841 scientists revealed that more than 40 percent of women leave their full time science jobs after having a first child versus only 23 percent... View Article

Using AI But You Just Don’t Know It

February 14, 2020 3:40 pm Published by

It’s pretty simple to see Artificial Intelligence (AI) at work when you read a New York Times article about driverless car collisions or displaced factory workers. But, what’s harder is clocking the real ways that you are using AI in your day to day lives and just don’t know it. Here are four everyday functions of AI technology that you may not notice until you take a closer look. Advertising Machine learning has revolutionized the advertising industry. According to a piece in Variety, Lexus teamed up with the AI powerhouse... View Article

Predict Film Success With AI

February 6, 2020 2:20 pm Published by

It’s often tricky to figure out what makes a movie good. Is it having an amazing look? Good dialogue? Expensive personnel? Well Warner Bros. is taking the next step in trying to predict film success with AI. Plenty of movies have been successful or popular without any of those things. But now, Warner Bros. is trying to turn the business of making successful films on its head. They are making a deal with Cinelytic, an LA startup with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools “to guide decision-making at the greenlight stage. ” ... View Article

What STEM Resumes Should Include

September 19, 2014 2:55 am Published by

There is no one way to write a good college resume. Visit any college career center and you can typically find hundreds of sample college resumes that any student can use. Although there are differences in layout and style, all good college resumes include certain basic items like contact information, education and professional experience. Depending on your college major though, there might be some specific sections of a college resume of greater interest for some hiring managers. One group of college students that is very attractive to hiring managers are students... View Article



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