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6 Ways You are Just Killing your Resume

July 30, 2016 8:23 pm Published by

Most HBCU students and new HBCU alumni don’t really know that the better the economy is the more competition there is to land really good interviews for their dream position. One reason is that Millennials are willing do a little bit of job hopping and therefore you might find yourself in a competitive situation as you apply for jobs and internships.  Good economy = busy recruiters who are quick to toss your resume.  Here are just six resume writing no-no’s that are just killing your resume. Two manny erors. Those... View Article

Resume Guide; How to Look Good on Paper

July 17, 2016 3:23 pm Published by

After 16 years in Human Resources and Career Development in Higher Education we recently published the Resume Guide; How to Look Good on Paper! Resume Writing Guide for Diverse College Students and New Alumni. it is available at through our Career Education store from the home page of TheHBCUCareerCenter.com. If you have connected with us over the years, you know that we are small, but our purpose and mission to bring career development to students and emerging professionals of color is OVER-SIZED!!! This Resume Guide represents our next step in... View Article

9 Key Elements of a Good Reference Letter

October 2, 2014 10:09 pm Published by

Reference letters and recommendation letters are a major component of a successful job search.  Every job seeker knows that in addition to their own ability to sell job skills and qualifications, they also will need support from qualified people who are willing to support their candidacy.  To draft a good reference letter for a job seeker, these nine components must be included. Write a good reference letter Stay positive, honest and personal.  Use personal stories or observations about your work experiences with the job seeker.  Of course objective facts are important,... View Article

Hiring Managers Discover Resume Lies

August 18, 2014 3:24 am Published by

Career Builder survey results show that 58% of hiring managers discover resume lies that job seekers include in application materials.  I remind job seekers all the time that we write our resumes everyday.  In other words, what ends up on our resumes, is what we actually do.  If we didn’t do it then we can’t claim it.  Resume lies include stretching the truth by misrepresenting job duties, tweaking job titles or fixing dates of employment. Most Common Resume Lies Apparently, based on the survey, some of the resume lies are what we might call... View Article

Write a Targeted Resume Objective Statement

July 26, 2008 5:23 am Published by

There is still some debate about the value of a resume objective statement. I understand the debate and yet I still believe that a resume without a targeted objective statement is a little bit harder to read; especially if you are a new grad. If you have ever watched a recruiter sift through a stack of resumes for potential candidates for a job opening they needed to fill yesterday, you’ll probably see them wince at cliche resume objectives. A good resume objective statement will set the tone for the rest... View Article



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