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Where Do New Grads Find Jobs?

June 14, 2014 1:43 am Published by

          Your cap and gown is probably making it’s way off the floor and to the back of the closet.  If commencement is becoming a distant memory, and parents are asking – What are you doing to look for a job?  You’re not alone.  Over 80% of new graduates didn’t land a job before graduation so for many, looking for a job is now a full time job.  If you don’t already know where to look for a job, here are a few places to get started: Your campus... View Article

6 Steps to a Simple Cover Letter

June 10, 2014 2:20 am Published by

Recruiters can get a pretty good sense of your background by scanning a well written resume. However, it’s a simple no brainer cover letter that really puts your resume in context for the specific job with a specific company.  Your cover letter doesn’t have to be  complicated or complex to do this. The role of your cover letter is to just focus the recruiter’s attention by adding your personal voice to your resume. Cover letter header should match resume header With a simple cut and paste you can amp up the professional look... View Article

10 Ways to Fix the Biggest Resume Mistakes New Grads Make

May 14, 2014 1:26 pm Published by

As a HR professional who owned a resume writing service for over a decade, let me reassure you that it’s easy to make resume mistakes.  Whether new professional or experienced job seeker, none of us are beyond making a mistake.  I focus on resume mistakes new grads make because they are usually easy to fix and there are so many free opportunities to get help.  Everyone is willing to help a new grad.  Very soon that new grad excuse will lose it’s charm and it will get more difficult to get free help to fix resume mistakes.  So jump... View Article

10 Job Search Mistakes New Grads Make

April 18, 2014 4:10 am Published by

Everybody makes job search mistakes. However, many of the job search mistakes new grads make can be avoided with a little bit of research and preparation.   The following ten job search mistakes are easy to fix.  If you believe you are not making job search progress then you need to pay immediate attention to this list of job search mistakes. Bad resumes and cover letters This is a no brainer.  Data suggests that 75% of job applicants are eliminated from their resumes alone.  There are so many resume samples and cover letter samples available... View Article

Best and Worst Words to Use for Resume Writing

March 20, 2014 2:09 am Published by

A recent survey reaffirms what we have known for a long time – resume writing is key and that employers spend a very short time scanning resumes.  About 17% of employers spend onloy about 30 seconds scanning resumes and 68% spend about two minutes.  I refer to this as the Resume Power-Scan.  The Recruiters also shared which words and phrases they love to see on resumes and which words and phrases are a turn off.  How many of these words are you using? Resume writing words and phrases recruiters HATE 1. Best of breed: 38 percent 2.... View Article

Second Round Job Interview Tips

July 12, 2012 3:32 am Published by

You have done everything right and aced the first interview during on-campus interviews.  Now you are scheduled for the next step.  Use these second round job interview tips to succeed. 1. Know your interview schedule and the day’s timeline ahead of time. 2. If you are traveling, arrive well ahead of schedule. Some companies save money by having you fly in, do that second interview and fly out the same day. Prepare for a long day. 3. Dress professionally, stay conservative but be comfortable. 4. Research not just the company, but... View Article

Homecoming Kicks Off Campus Job Interview Season

October 7, 2008 9:35 pm Published by

A few years ago, we really started to promote the idea of using Homecoming season as the official kick off for the campus job interview season.  As a former Dean, I know my HBCU students are well versed in campus Homecoming activities.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Most campuses are talking Homecoming the minute the fall semester begins. My challenge to HBCU students is this for the fall and all future falls – Sign up for at least one campus job interview for every Homecoming event you plan to attend.  Here... View Article

Write a Targeted Resume Objective Statement

July 26, 2008 5:23 am Published by

There is still some debate about the value of a resume objective statement. I understand the debate and yet I still believe that a resume without a targeted objective statement is a little bit harder to read; especially if you are a new grad. If you have ever watched a recruiter sift through a stack of resumes for potential candidates for a job opening they needed to fill yesterday, you’ll probably see them wince at cliche resume objectives. A good resume objective statement will set the tone for the rest... View Article



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