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Graduating with No Work Experience? No Problem

April 17, 2016 2:42 pm Published by

If you are graduating from college and have little or no work experience in the field, you better start thinking about how to sell yourself in the job interview.  If you think you have too little related work experience or no internships, you should be thinking hard about what other relevant experience to sell in the job interview. Keep in mind that employers are not as interested in where you developed the skills you have, as much as they want to know which job skills you have. Even if you... View Article

Ace Phone Interviews with 12 Tips

May 23, 2015 10:17 pm Published by

It’s no secret – If you don’t ace phone interviews or if you blow the phone screening; your chances of going further as a job candidate are slim. Phone interviews are a really practical, low cost way for recruiters to narrow the field of candidates pretty quickly. It is a great way to quickly screen the initial field of candidates and make some preliminary decisions about setting up face-to-face meetings. If you learn how to ace phone interviews, you improve your chances of getting your resume moved from the “possible”... View Article

7 Wrong Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

April 19, 2015 8:32 am Published by

So far your job search strategy has worked well.  Your hard work and networking is paying off and you have landed a job interview for in your dream company.  You think you have interviewed well so far and done a pretty good job answering the questions from the interviewer.  Just before the job interview ends, the interviewer asks you a pretty simple question – Do you have any questions for us?  Of course you do. Right about here, the words of a Frank Sinatra song comes to mind – “and... View Article

A Practice Interview Gets Job Seekers Ready

February 18, 2015 9:32 pm Published by

So you didn’t do a practice interview before the first round job interview and the employer was impressed enough to call you back for a second interview.  You can also do a practice interview, otherwise known as a mock interview, if you make it past the first round and really want to turn up your presentation for the second or even third round job interview. Best Reasons to Do a Practice Interview One of the cool things about doing a practice interview is that you get to walk through job... View Article

Plan your Interview Questions Before the Job Interview

October 16, 2014 3:24 am Published by

“Should I ask questions in the job interview?” is probably one of the most asked questions by college students when they do mock interviews. The answer is – “YES” definitely YES! Whether applying for internships, co-ops, entry level career opportunities or campus jobs, college students are expected to ask questions in the job interview.  Recruiters and employers not only expect the questions, but will be more impressed if you plan your interview questions ahead of time. 1. Asking questions in the job interview will show your interest in the opportunity and the organization.... View Article

Second Round Job Interview Tips

July 12, 2012 3:32 am Published by

You have done everything right and aced the first interview during on-campus interviews.  Now you are scheduled for the next step.  Use these second round job interview tips to succeed. 1. Know your interview schedule and the day’s timeline ahead of time. 2. If you are traveling, arrive well ahead of schedule. Some companies save money by having you fly in, do that second interview and fly out the same day. Prepare for a long day. 3. Dress professionally, stay conservative but be comfortable. 4. Research not just the company, but... View Article

Homecoming Kicks Off Campus Job Interview Season

October 7, 2008 9:35 pm Published by

A few years ago, we really started to promote the idea of using Homecoming season as the official kick off for the campus job interview season.  As a former Dean, I know my HBCU students are well versed in campus Homecoming activities.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Most campuses are talking Homecoming the minute the fall semester begins. My challenge to HBCU students is this for the fall and all future falls – Sign up for at least one campus job interview for every Homecoming event you plan to attend.  Here... View Article



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