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Delaware State University Buys Wesley College

August 5, 2020 3:24 pm Published by

This is unusual.  This is good! Spend a few minutes online googling “HBCU” and you will find articles that are quick to address the financial woes faced by many of these colleges and universities. So to see the news that Delaware State University, affectionately known as Del State, is financially sound enough to be purchasing Wesley College, is really exciting news. Don’t let the well publicized financial challenges fool you though because HBCUs have consistently produced successful college graduates for almost 200 years. About Delaware State University Del State is the... View Article

College Grants For More Than Just Tuition in Virginia

February 15, 2020 5:03 pm Published by

The state of Virginia is looking to help students with college grants to cover cost of living, not just tuition.  It is verifiable truth that college students spend precious financial aid dollars on a lot more than tuition. Textbooks cost an arm and housing costs a leg. The free printing budget at almost any institution is in all likelihood, laughably small. And, if students don’t want to eat cafeteria food in the mess hall every single solitary day, three times a day, for four years, they’ll have to shell out... View Article

Cory Booker’s HBCU Plan

December 11, 2019 7:18 am Published by

Cory Booker’s fledgling campaign (he might not be on the December debate stage) has recently announced that if he becomes president of the United States, he will support giving HBCUs and other minority serving institutions up to $100 billion. Booker’s HBCU plan doesn’t make him particularly unique – Buttigieg, Warren, and Sanders have all given similar proposals.  Still, Booker has an interesting and specific angle.  Booker’s HBCU proposal doesn’t just suggest that the government spend $100 billion dollars, but includes specifics showing that $40 billion of it has to go... View Article

Alcorn State University gives 5-year-old full ride to HBCU for Music

November 20, 2019 8:48 pm Published by

When it comes to fostering a love for any activity, anyone can tell you that the key has always been to get people interested when they’re young. Yet, who would have guessed that a 5-year-old Louisiana boy, Jeremiah Travis would have the drum chops to land a full ride to Alcorn State University, an HBCU in Lorman, Mississippi? Though Travis won’t get to attend the university for another 13 years, Chesteron Frye, the band director at St. Helena High School and student director at Alcorn State University, was too stunned... View Article

Morehouse College Dress Code Gets Reactions

October 26, 2009 10:04 am Published by

Reactions continue to pour in about the new Appropriate Attire Policy established as the Morehouse College dress code. The policy is derived from the views of Morehouse President Dr. Robert M. Franklin, that the Morehouse Man has an obligation to be “well read, well spoken, well traveled, well dressed and well balanced.” In an article for the Philadelphia Tribune, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania alumni, Michael Coard had this to say about the Morehouse College dress code: “It’s a great thing that there is a dress code at Morehouse. However, I... View Article

Homecoming Kicks Off Campus Job Interview Season

October 7, 2008 9:35 pm Published by

A few years ago, we really started to promote the idea of using Homecoming season as the official kick off for the campus job interview season.  As a former Dean, I know my HBCU students are well versed in campus Homecoming activities.  Why wouldn’t they be?  Most campuses are talking Homecoming the minute the fall semester begins. My challenge to HBCU students is this for the fall and all future falls – Sign up for at least one campus job interview for every Homecoming event you plan to attend.  Here... View Article



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