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Career Placement Center on Campus – Can They Help?

June 30, 2017 11:13 am Published by

Although the trend has shifted away from the use of the word “placement” in the names of career offices on college campuses, your college or university may still have an office called “Career Placement Center”. Even if the staff there doesn’t use that name, many students, staff and even faculty on college campuses will often use that term and have the wrong concept of what such an office does. Sometimes college students delay job searches because they perceive that the “career placement center” office will do just that and place... View Article

10 Ways to Fix the Biggest Resume Mistakes New Grads Make

May 14, 2014 1:26 pm Published by

As a HR professional who owned a resume writing service for over a decade, let me reassure you that it’s easy to make resume mistakes.  Whether new professional or experienced job seeker, none of us are beyond making a mistake.  I focus on resume mistakes new grads make because they are usually easy to fix and there are so many free opportunities to get help.  Everyone is willing to help a new grad.  Very soon that new grad excuse will lose it’s charm and it will get more difficult to get free help to fix resume mistakes.  So jump... View Article

20 Pieces of REAL Advice for College Freshmen

July 6, 2012 4:24 am Published by

There is already a ton of advice for college freshmen on how to succeed.  Let me add some more and give you what I call my 20 pieces of REAL advice for college freshmen.  I have spent so many years working with new grads who regret not starting good habits early that I felt compelled to do this list a few years ago. Not all of these tips will apply for every new college student.  So prioitize by picking five or so that you can put on a note card and refer... View Article



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