Job Interview Tips for New Grads

Job interview tips for new grads

Job interview tips for new grads

More than 3 million new grads pick up college degrees every spring. Only about a quarter (24%) of these new grads are planning to head to grad school. Some new grads travel and explore, but most of these new grads head straight into the job market. One of the biggest job search hurdles for new grads will be the job interview.  Therefore I assembled this reading list of job interview tips for new grads.

Before the Job Interview

  • Do your research and expand your career and industry awareness.  One of the biggest complaints from recruiters? New grads who come to the job interview knowing nothing about their company.
  • Do mock interview at your campus career center.  Even if your career center doesn’t mention mock interviews on their website, ask anyway.
  • Online behavior can kill your career! Cleaning up your digital dirt must be a part of your job search strategy.
  • Make a list of questions you will ask in the job interview.  Write down your job interview questions so you don’t forget them during the interview.
  • How new grads should dress for job interview success.  Bottom line is that new grads in the job interview should dress a little on the conservative side.
  • Learn job search terminology and about the types of job interviews.  Knowing the types of job interviews the recruiter could use, will help you prepare.

During the Job Interview

After the Job Interview

  • Be ready for the second round job interview
  • Write a Thank-You letter after the job interview
  • New grads should know that their job interview skills have a direct relationship to how long it will take them to land a job.  Spend the time doing the research and improving skills before, during and after the job interview.

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