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There are really two very exciting times for college freshmen.  The beginning of the semester when they are anxious about going off to college and the end of the freshman year.  Usually the start of college gets a lot more attention than planning freshman activities for summer.  This article shares three freshman activities to include in that first college summer plan.  Once students put that freshman year behind them, they join the ranks of “rising sophomores.” These freshman activities during the summer will really add value for rising sophomores.

Summer Job 

It really does not matter what type of job you add to your freshman summer plans. HBCU students who are rising sophomores may need to work to save spending money for the sophomore year.  Even if earning summer funds is not a priority, college freshman should be using a summer job to build a resume with new work skills.  This will help the college freshman be more competitive when they seek summer internships later.

Consider Some Travel

Summer plans for official study abroad opportunities with a college or university are sometimes limited for college freshmen.  However, if you start planning early, there are other opportunities for rising sophomores to travel and explore. Depending on your interests, summer plans could include the opportunity to go “WOOFF-ing”. The World Wide Opporunties for Organic Farming offers opportunities for those who want to work on an organic farm in exchange for room and board. Travel opportunities can be a car ride, train ride or plane ride away.

Take Summer Classes

As the cost of education continues to spiral out of control for many families, more college students are aiming to stay on track for the four-year plan. A rising sophomore who is 3 – 6 credits shy of officially completing freshman year should consider one or two summer courses. This is one of the freshman activities that will have real benefits long term.

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