Going to Graduate School

There is always a lot of interest in going to graduate school right after graduation. But there is interest year-round also since people consider graduate school as part of the next step in their professional lives.

By the time commencement season is over some graduates already know where they are headed.  Some are off to launch careers while others have already been accepted into grad school and just waiting to enroll.

The overwhelming majority of graduates at commencement though, neither have a job lined up nor are going to grad school. Well at least some of the new graduates don’t know yet if they are going to graduate school. They could still plan to apply.

Many are still trying to figure it out and so if you are one of those people thinking of going to grad school, these resources will help you explore.  Below, I have also listed links to the graduate programs at America’s Black Colleges just in case you have an interest in seeing what these Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) have to offer for graduate and professional schools.

Graduate School Tests

If you are thinking of going to grad school, you have probably heard about the admissions hurdle – the graduate school exams.  Whether or not you have to sit these exams will depend on the school and your program of interest.  For example, the GMAT applies for students thinking about a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  However, not all schools require it. If you want broader options though, you might want to consider taking the GMAT.

Some programs are mandatory. For example, I don’t believe it is possible to go to law school without completing the LSAT or going to medical school without doing the MCAT.

Quick tip – Ask for fee waivers to take preparation classes for these exams or to take the exam itself.  If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

Writing Personal Statements 

The other big hurdle that scares a lot of people who are considering going to grad school is the personal statement.  Every school will want some document speaking to your intentions for grad school success.  This may be scary, but you should actually want to write this because of the value you will gain from expressing your own thoughts.  Graduate school is a serious commitment of both time and money and so clarity is important.  These are some resources to assist with writing that personal statement.

Paying for Going to Grad School with Scholarships and Fellowships

Paying for a graduate program is another really big concern for anyone thinking about going to grad school.  Depending on your program of study, demographics, career goals or several other variables, there are scholarships and fellowships that could really help you.  In addition to personal funds, tuition reimbursement from your employer or financial aid, here are some scholarships and fellowships to consider.

HBCU Graduate Programs

Many institutions designated as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) have competitive graduate programs and professional schools.  The list below is updated for 2019.  If we have left your HBCU graduate program, please send us a note at mrobin(at)thehbcucareercenter(dot)com.

We wish you success with your plans as you consider going to grad school.  It is quite a journey, but can be a very fulfilling experience.

Research on Grad School

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