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The HBCU Career CenterThe US economy is in recovery and employers are increasing the number of new job openings every month.  Niche job boards are an excellent way to find job openings from employers looking specifically for groups of interested applicants.

What are Niche Job Boards

Niche job boards or niche job sites are online job search websites where employers can target candidates with specific interests.  Most niche job boards lists jobs that are specific to certain industries so job seekers can increase the odds of finding a job in their industry.  Many job boards also attract employers who are targeting other groups of job seekers based on criteria such as location (Philly Jobs, Chicago Jobs), professional interests (Nursing Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Farming Jobs, Teaching Jobs) or diversity groups such as Blacks, Latinx, Asians or Women. Certain niche job boards help all ethnic minority groups. 

Why use Niche Job Boards

You can do anything on a niche job board like The HBCU Career Center, that you can on mega job boards like Career Builder, Indeed and Monster.  You can search jobs, upload resumes, research companies, apply for jobs and create your own unique email alerts for jobs or internships.  Experts in the recruiting industry say that niche job boards help employers find a larger pool of the targeted applicants. This is especially when they are looking for diverse candidates like graduates from HBCU institutions.

Sample Niche Job Boards

The HBCU Career Center is a niche job board for employers interested in recruiting diverse candidates such as students, alumni and experienced professionals.

Our Mission and Our Values:

HBCU Career Center Values
Values of The HBCU Career Center

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