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Working with Recruiters – Why Can’t I Reach You?

working with recruitersIf you want to frustrate recruiters in the job search process, go ahead and make it hard for them to reach you.  What is the point of having multiple email addresses and phone numbers on your resume and then no one can connect with you. Recruiters hate that. Bottom line is that when you are working with recruiters, they must be able to reach you!

Trust me – if you list phone numbers and email addresses on your resume, you should be easily and quickly accessible in both ways.

If you are job searching you must be reading your emails – all of them, including whatever you have in your LinkedIn account.  You must be following up by social media and/or checking your voicemails regularly. Chances if you are working with recruiters, they expect you to be engaged and so they will probably be leaving messages on your phone and sending you emails. This is particularly important if you connected with the recruiter through the career center on your campus.  Now it’s not just your reputation on the line, it is your university’s as well.

Many recruiters will expect a follow-up from a job seeker within 2 to 24 hours. If the recruiter doesn’t hear from you; they will move on! It is that simple. If they don’t get a call back from you, it is safe to assume –they will move on without you and your file gets moved to the bottom of the stack.

When you are working with recruiters, take it seriously. Please stay connected if you are serious about your job search!

You don’t want someone walking away with your job, just because they answered their phone and you did not!

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