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African American Students Should Study Abroad

We dedicate an entire page on our website to cover study abroad.  We have numerous articles covering topics from how to prepare for the trip, what you will learn on the trip and how to possibly fund a study abroad trip.

The following reasons why African American students should study abroad are taken from an article written for TransitionsAbroad.com by Starlett Craig.

1. Study abroad helps expand employment opportunities after graduation. Many top employers seek graduates who can think critically with a global perspective.

2. Increase understanding of the world. In Understanding Diversity, Channing Betes wrote: “For centuries, American education, business and government have reflected the culture of the vast majority…By the year 2000, however, we will see big changes: Out of every 100 children in American classrooms, 33 will be children of color.”  We are well beyond this statistic at this point and so study abroad will help you really understand the diversity of today’s workplace.

3. Study abroad helps African American students broaden experiences and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

4. Increase income potential. Study abroad could be a new benefit to sell to employers in a competitive market.

5. Imagine the opportunities to explore new interests that come from study abroad.  You would be amazed at how study abroad can help you find out more about what is important to you.

6. Learn more specific career related skills such as a second language or cultural interpersonal relationships.

7. Get insider’s perspective on social and political structures in the host country.

Read the complete article titled Top 10 Reasons for African American Students to Go Abroad written by Starlett. R. Craig, Director of Pre-College Enrichment Programs at Clemson University and National Chair of Black and Multicultural Professionals in International Education.

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