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Tips for HBCU Grads Still Looking For a Job

HBCU college gradCongratulations to you if you are one of this year’s HBCU grads!

If you graduated and have not yet secured a career position, here are some tips for an effective post graduation job search.

1. First and foremost – Do not panic! You are not the only one of the HBCU grads who has not yet landed a job.  Most have not 60 days after commencement. Keep in mind there are still many great opportunities available right now.

2. Reconsider your options and parameters eg relocation, salary, commute etc.

3. Explore multiple industries. eg Psychology majors are not all Psychologists, nor do they all work in Healthcare.  Psychology majors can work anywhere.

4. Sign up for alumni career services with your campus career center. Almost 98% of HBCU career centers work with alumni.

5. Commit to and schedule daily job search activities. Set a minimum activity schedule daily and work on it.

6. Consider post graduation internships and fellowships.

7. Go to your HBCU career center to get resume and interview help.

8. Consider travel with a purpose. (Read – Congratulations! You Graduated From College; Now What?)

9. Add your resume to the niche job board at The HBCU Career Center.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, most new college grads including HBCU grads do not find jobs immediately after commencement. Just know that steady and consistent effort is what will pay off in the long run.

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