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End Resume Fails and Ace your Job Interview

We are on a mission to end resume fails. Our philosophy is that one of the best ways to prepare for any job interview is to truly commit and immerse yourself in the resume writing process.  After years of looking at a myriad of resumes, many … Read More…

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What STEM Resumes Should Include

There is no one way to write a good college resume. Visit any college career center and you can typically find hundreds of sample college resumes that any student can use. Although there are differences in layout and style, all good college resumes … Read More…

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Biggest Resume Mistakes

…and he should know.  Laszlo Bock is the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google.  He reads a LOT of resumes and decided to share this list of biggest resume mistakes he sees. Of course, there is no surprise that certain things … Read More…

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