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Career Placement Center on Campus – Can They Help?

Although the trend has shifted away from the use of the word “placement” in the names of career offices on college campuses, your college or university may still have an office called “Career Placement Center”. Even if the staff there doesn’t use that … Read More…

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Working with Recruiters – Why Can’t I Reach You?

If you want to frustrate recruiters in the job search process, go ahead and make it hard for them to reach you.  What is the point of having multiple email addresses and phone numbers on your resume and then no one can connect … Read More…

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10 Job Search Mistakes New Grads Make

Everybody makes job search mistakes. However, many of the job search mistakes new grads make can be avoided with a little bit of research and preparation.   The following ten job search mistakes are easy to fix.  If you believe you are not making job search progress … Read More…

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