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Delaware State University Buys Wesley College

This is unusual.  This is good! Spend a few minutes online googling “HBCU” and you will find articles that are quick to address the financial woes faced by many of these colleges and universities. So to see the news that Delaware State University, affectionately … Read More…

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Working with Recruiters – Why Can’t I Reach You?

If you want to frustrate recruiters in the job search process, go ahead and make it hard for them to reach you.  What is the point of having multiple email addresses and phone numbers on your resume and then no one can connect … Read More…

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Combat Job Search Age Discrimination

I spoke with a colleague recently who had lost a spouse and was looking to reenter the workplace.  It was pretty clear that his biggest concern was the job search age discrimination he felt he would face. He was worried about his chances of finding, … Read More…

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