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Consider Military Officer Careers After College

Are you graduating from college next spring and considering your career options? You might want to consider military officer careers.  If you haven’t thought about that, there is still time to explore those. Military officer careers offer unparalleled leadership development and long term … Read More…

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Company Research in 3 Easy Steps

HR professionals say it all the time and I share it all the time: Do your company research before you go into the job interview. Some research says that if you spend just 15 minutes on the company’s website before a job interview, … Read More…

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Vanishing Jobs and Disappearing Companies

If you think today’s college students are too young to know about vanishing jobs and disappearing companies; think again.  Consider companies like Blockbuster and West Coast Videos, both former game and video rental stores. Even my 23 year-old son remembers our Friday evening … Read More…

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