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Sexual Harassment and Emerging Professionals

Sexual harassment in the workplace is real and emerging professionals and new graduates are sometimes the target.  Workplace predators are counting on the naive responses, fearful attempts to push back and lack of knowledge about sexual harassment policies. Often, these emerging professionals, who … Read More…

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Get a Grip; What Does Your Handshake Say About You!

I recently read a note about handshakes in a career journal and thought I would update and re-post the following that I wrote many years ago. We assume everyone knows how to shake hands, right? Not so. A recruiter shared with me the … Read More…

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Plan to Finish Your Internship in Style

Thousands of college students, including HBCU students, are participating in summer internships all across the country.  If you are one of those students who have secured an internship this summer, your goal should be to finish up your internship in style. What do … Read More…

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