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Start a Career with the Federal Government

If you are in the Class of 2010, employment should be on your mind right now!

Although a Career Builder survey shows 35% of employers are planning to increase hiring this year, no one expects the 10% unemployment number to decrease significantly.

One area where hiring has stayed relatively steady is in The Federal Government. Fedscope.opm.gov shares details on the number of employees hired per category, per year. As the largest employer in the US, the Federal Government employs almost 3 million people.

Jobs with the Federal Government are categorized into six major clusters – Professional, Administrative, Technical, Clerical, Other White Collar and Blue Collar.

Knowing these clusters will help the Class of 2010 know where to look for work:

Professional Careers
Work requiring formal education or training from an accredited college or university. Examples of careers are Social Workers, IRS Agents and Nurses.

Administrative Careers
Work requiring analytical abilities and the application of knowledge gained through higher education or prior work experience. Career options include para legals, budget analysts and HR specialists.

Technical Careers
Occupations providing support to professional and administrative employees. The work typically requires extensive knowledge acquired through extensive training. Career options include accounting technicians and compliance technicians.

Clerical Careers
Clerical workers for the Federal Government provide government office support. They are invaluable to operations as they answer phones, compile data and maintain and organize office files.

Other White Collar Careers
These jobs do not fit the typical occupations above and require specialized training and knowledge. Careers in this federal job category include police and correctional officers.

Blue Collar Jobs
This job category covers all trade, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled staff. Some of the most common blue collar jobs in the Federal Government include mechanics, warehouse workers etc.

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