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Over a decade ago, I was involved with the technology start-up Reel Logix Inc. Not only was the business plan for the company, my MBA project, I spent several years working as the COO and VP of Client Relations for the company.  Based on that and other start-up experiences, I wrote an article that was published by Entrepreneur.com. It is still available on Entrepreneur’s website.  Although it was written more than a decade ago, the message is still right on point.

The article compares how you start a business to how an athlete would run a race where preparation and practice are key success factors. Read the full article to see what each of the following 10 tips mean as they are framed in the context of getting physically prepared for a race. It might help you overcome the hurdles that entrepreneurs are sure to encounter on the road to startup.

  • “Pump” up your attitude
  • “Rejuvenate” your affiliations
  • “Firm” up your future
  • “Flex” your creative muscles
  • “Supplement” your credentials
  • “Buff and polish” your ideas
  • “Reshape” your perspective
  • “Align” your dreams with reality
  • “Chart” your performance
  • “Map” the future

Resources for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

HBCU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Collaborative

White House Promotes Entrepreneurship for HBCUs and MSIs

HBCU Innovation.org

Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center

HBCU Innovation Summit in Silicon Valley (Blacks In Technology)

List of Colleges with Entrepreneurship and Small Business Majors

Centers On HBCU Campuses

(If an entrepreneurship center is on your campus but not listed, please contact us)

Center for Entrepreneurship Studies @ Bennett College

Entrepreneurship Center @ Morehouse College

E.L.I. Institute @ Howard University

Entrepreneurship Academy @ Bowie State University


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