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Simple Job Search Strategy Anyone Can Master

job search strategyI am a firm believer that our lives are a grand summary of very simple processes.

This core belief is at the very heart of the career advice I have shared with people for the last 15 years.  Essentially, I have helped people discover what’s important to them guard and protect what they discover make connections with other people around their values.

In fact, I was on a panel the other day and someone asked me what I felt were the key components of an effective job search strategy.  It gave me a chance to share with the group this very simple 3-step process that I know gets results.

Job Search Strategy Step #1 – Self Evaluation

At the International Career Development conference many years ago, I had a brief conversation with Richard Bolles, author of the job seeker’s What Color is your ParachuteI was new to the field of career development and eager to learn from someone as well respected as Bolles.  His advice for me was pretty simple – Help people discover and act on the important things.  That’s what you are doing when you begin your job search strategy with the self evaluation process.  During this step, spend the time to understand your V.I.S.A – Values, Interests, Skills and Abilities.   Believe me, honest self-evaluation is key to developing an effective job search strategy.

Job Search Strategy Step #2 – Image management!

Honest self evaluation to identify values, interests, skills and abilities preceeds image management in this 3-step job search strategy.  You can’t manage or sell what you don’t know.   Without knowing who you are and what you have to offer, documents like resumes and cover letters can be just lists of jobs with dates.  Whatever you have discovered about yourself during self exploration, you must guard and protect through image management.  Make sure you look on paper and your reputation remains stellar online.

Job Search Strategy Step #3 – Put YOU out there

As effective as the Internet and social networking have been in revolutionizing the job search, job seekers must include actively networking and meeting people face to face at career events like job fairs, meet-ups or local job clubs. This step in the job search strategy includes doing company research, preparing for career events and learning how to follow up. It also involves knowing how to put the best YOU forward in a job interview.

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